January 20, 2018

Where do Councillors stand on governance?

Dear Councillors, Mayors and District Chairman, One Muskoka has been promoting the idea of an independent review of Muskoka’s municipal governance. Having closely examined past attempts at restructuring since the late 1970s we have concluded that despite strong support from ratepayers groups, cottage associations and the general public, Muskoka’s municipal politicians rejected significant change. As […]

1969 The Paterson Report

1969 Paterson Report – This report provided the basis for Regional, Two Tier Governance – (366 pages) Click to Download this report here FREE! (zip compressed pdf file) Click to Download the PDF Report uncompressed  

Big Ideas – The Muskoka Accountability Pledge

The Big Idea for Muskoka in October 2014 is the municipal election. Past elections have seen and heard candidates espouse the virtues of accountability, openness, integrity and transparency. Why our Federal Government even went so far as to pass legislation called the Accountability Act. Previous governments have had the Clarity Act. These concepts are not […]

Low Credit? No Problem!

Dear Editor; The District has reported that the baseline credit assessment of the District is below that of the Province resulting in the District’s credit rating being downgraded. The credit assessment also includes the growing debt of the six municipalities. This means that overall we are paying more of our growing tax dollars for debt […]

Once Voice For All

Dear Editor; A recent problem with the financing of municipalities in our eastern provinces has brought about a need and demand for change from the voters. In Pictou County three municipalities have decided to look at working together in order to keep their area a vibrant option for future growth. One of the mayors says” […]