July 18, 2018

August 2014 Newsletter

The October 27th municipal election is fast approaching. Our group, One Muskoka, has  continued to write letters to the editors of the local papers and most recently we were guests on Hunters Bay Radio station 88.7 FM. This broadcast proved an excellent opportunity to highlight our position in the coming election. Muskoka must have an independent review of all services, procedures and policies. Most critical to this review is the inclusion of all the lower tier municipalities.

Although we have been advocating this necessity for all most four years now, none of the current elected politicians have seen fit to take any action on this matter. One can only conclude that duplication, overlap and uncoordinated procedures and services are just fine. They are equally satisfied that no review is needed because, well simply, just raise the taxes and put off improvements to the crumbling infrastructure.

To ensure that taxpayers elect mayors and councillors who will take action and follow through with this request, One Muskoka has prepared an “Accountability Pledge.” This pledge is simple and reasonable for any honourable candidate. The pledge is attached with this newsletter. You will note that we have included above the signature “without prejudice”. This will eliminate any legal commitment, so only a candidate’s reputation is at stake.

It is our intention to send it to every candidate to endorse. Once we have the pledge returned by the week of September 12, we will inform you who is prepared to move ahead with the review and who is not. It will be up to you as a taxpayer to make your choice on the ballot. Further, we will be forwarding the list to the media.

In addition, we have attached some questions you might like to ask to candidate should you get a call, attend an all candidates meeting, or personally contact a candidate yourself.

This is the most important municipal election since the District Municipality of Muskoka was formed in 1970!




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