July 18, 2018

Low Credit? No Problem!

Dear Editor;

The District has reported that the baseline credit assessment of the District is below that of the Province resulting in the District’s credit rating being downgraded. The credit assessment also includes the growing debt of the six municipalities. This means that overall we are paying more of our growing tax dollars for debt interest.

The District says “No problem right now”! What about tomorrow?

Perhaps we can all turn in our gold to one of those helpful dealers in Toronto next time we are down begging for money from the Province. But wait the Province has credit rating problems too. Oh well we can just increase taxes as we always have.

Maybe we should start looking at how we can lower our expenditures. Maybe we can reduce some of the duplication in our six municipalities and one district. Maybe we can follow the advice given to us 14 years ago and off-set cost by millions of dollars each year. Maybe that money could fix roads or lower the debt. Maybe we can have taxation without duplication. Maybe we need new thinking and leadership.

Let’s have taxation without duplication.


One Muskoka

Mike Provan, Evelyn Brown, Catherine King

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