July 18, 2018

Once Voice For All

Dear Editor;

A recent problem with the financing of municipalities in our eastern provinces has brought about a need and demand for change from the voters.

In Pictou County three municipalities have decided to look at working together in order to keep their area a vibrant option for future growth. One of the mayors says” Everybody knows there is only one taxpayer, no matter which order of government is providing services.”

Their purpose of developing this working plan is to “fix the old, expand the existing infrastructure and construct the new” in a cooperative way. As the mayor of Pictou County said” Why do we need change? Simply put, we need to start promoting ourselves as a region. We need to be seen and heard as a region and put our many strengths in front of us.”

One Muskoka asks: If others see this why don’t we?   Is it too easy to just raise taxes and keep paying for seven of everything?

Let’s have taxation without duplication.


One Muskoka

Mike Provan, Evelyn Brown, Catherine King

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