July 18, 2018

One Muskoka Update – September 12, 2012

Since the beginning of One Muskoka in the summer of 2010, the governance ground has shifted very slightly in our Muskoka. What has shifted is the political response to reviewing the administrative structure of Muskoka. In the recent past some politicians indicated that a review of operations and services was not needed. In the past year Bracebridge, Huntsville and the District have commenced reviews. Gravenhurst lead the way and had a review completed by April 2012. Lake of Bays has indicated it would like to study how to remove itself from Muskoka and Muskoka Lakes has focused on hydro-electric issues. Georgian Bay continues on. Much needs to be done.

One Muskoka has continued to fan the flames of change. Our website containing information regarding governance, financing and political response in Muskoka, has received over 900 hits. We wrote letters to the editor of the various local media all of which are on our site. In late 2011 and early 2012 we hosted a series of community meetings in Gravenhurst, Bracebridge and Huntsville. We invited local politicians to these meetings in order for them to share their thoughts regarding an independent review of the governance structure. Sadly not one attended!

There are two years left until the next municipal election so we will continue to bring the governance issues to the forefront.  We will be contacting councilors about their commitment to an independent review of the structure and, as before will publish their responses. Our intention is to identify potential candidates who will vigorously support the need for an independent review of Muskoka’s governance structure. We will be asking groups and organizations for possible candidates.

On the local front we will be continuing with our public meetings, meeting with stakeholders, writing letters and articles and keeping up the pressure to have an independent review of the governance structure of Muskoka. To do that we need your help with spreading the concerns we all share with the following issues;

  • Sustainable economic development for ALL of Muskoka
  • Need for meaningful citizen involvement in all municipalities.
  • Working together for the greater good as seen with our local hockey clubs, schools, Real Estate Boards, Heritage/Land trust organizations, hospitals etc.
  • Duplication of services such as tax collection, roads, financing, purchasing and planning.
  • Consolidation of building codes, related by-laws and common services.
  • Reviewing the number of taxpayer funded tourism promotion organizations.

Will you help us achieve the citizen awareness of the need for an independent review? Will you help us push our elected representatives into action? Together a one Muskoka working together can be achieved.

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