July 18, 2018

Summer 2013 Newsletter

Summer 2013 Newsletter

The Work Goes On

Creating change is no easy task.  It was once said, when creating a new system  difficulties the folks advocating change face are the creation of enemies of those who want to keep the status quo and lukewarm response from those who would benefit from the change. Be sure, our group, One Muskoka, remains undaunted as we continue to advocate for an independent review of the 43 year old model of governing Muskoka.

We are continuing to write letters in the local papers, appear on the COGECO cable station, prepare articles for cottage associations, and speak to numerous groups. Everywhere we have shared our goal, we have been well received.

But now is a time for action… we need you! Please call your local mayor or councillor and ask some questions about duplication, inefficiencies and overlap. Do we really need 7 of everything?

Did you know that it takes $214 million to provide governance and services in Muskoka with 51 politicians each looking out for their own municipality?

FACTS:                 Cost of Duplicated Governance and Services: *

District           $   132,092,033                                 Huntsville         $ 23,428,693

Gravenhurst   $     14,043,156                                 Muskoka Lakes  $ 14,183,336

Bracebridge    $     16,925,729                                 Georgian Bay    $   7,657,958

Lake of Bays   $       5,878,034

Who is looking out for Muskoka?


* All information from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing: Financial Information Report 2011

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