May 21, 2018

What Others Are Saying

An interesting article about property taxes around Muskoka

Bracebridge to undergo a Service Review

It just makes sense to work cooperatively and take advantage of administration and program efficiencies
that make services work better for people at the local level. (The Association of Municipalities Ontario)

A Ministry of Municipal Affairs web page that sets out a list of measures for 2011 (standards to measure performance?)

Cottage Country Now – Response to our Letter to Councillors and Mayors–majority-of-politicians-seem-not-interested-in-review-claims-group

An interesting link discussing governance structure:

From Cottage Country Now – Louis Tam–review-scope-too-narrow-critics-say

From Muskoka Leaks

From Cottage Country Now – Editorial T.d.V.–strength-in-numbers

Professor Patrice Dutil, and others, have written a book (The Service State, September 2010) which shares many themes with the One Muskoka movement.

The Institute for Citizen-Centered Service: A discussion on measuring governance performance

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